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All cakes are custom and made to order. It's because of this that pricing is determined on an individual basis, depending on size and design. Please inquire for specific pricing details as they can vary.

6-inch cake 10-12 servings $50

3 layers, 1 cake flavor, 1 filling flavor​

8-inch cake 15-20+ servings $70

3 layers, 1 cake flavor, 1 filling flavor

9-inch cake 30+ servings $90

3 layers, 1 cake flavor, 1 filling flavor


​Tiered cakes/wedding cakes are custom pricing. 


Fresh flowers

Gold leaf

Cake toppers

Buttercream florals


Please note extras are priced as an upcharge. 

Sugar Cookies

Cookies are custom and truly one of a kind. Every cookie is thoughtfully designed to fit your theme or brand. Each cookie is individually heat sealed and guaranteed fresh for up to 1 week. Any leftover cookies are also freezer friendly. 

Simple set (minimum 1 dozen)- Start at $48/dozen (minimal details, 2-3 colors, up to 3 designs).


Detailed set (minimum 1 dozen)- Start at $54/dozen (moderate details, 4 colors, up to 4 designs, moderate writing, texture, minimal floral). 


Delux set (minimum 1 dozen)- Start at $60/dozen (elaborate details, 6 designs, 5-6 colors, detailed writing, texture, heavy floral, hand-painted details). 

Please keep in mind additional colors, cookie-cutter shapes, logos, or characters can increase the price. 

Dessert bar treats


Basic design: $39/dozen (minimum 1 dozen, 1 flavor per dozen)

Detailed design: $45/dozen   (minimum 1 dozen, 1 flavor per dozen, multiple colors, piping details, gold foil, sprinkles)

Cupcakes can be filled at an additional cost.

Cakesicles (minimum 1 dozen)

Starts at $48/dozen (basic design: 1 flavor per dozen, 1 color with drizzle and sprinkles)

Cakesicles with fondant details, edible gold, multiple colors, or luster dust start at $54/dozen (minimum 1 dozen).

Other dessert bar treats are available upon request.

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